Causes and Preventive Steps for Roller Shutter Motor Failures

23 September 2015
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A roller shutter can serve both aesthetic and functional roles, such as keeping out those annoying neon lights from your neighbor. The roller shutters may or may not be motorized. Some owners of motorized roller shutters experience motor-component failures that affect how they can use those shutters. This article discusses some of the causes of roller shutter motor-failures. It also suggests what you can do to avoid experiencing motor failures due to those factors.

Extended Operation at Maximum Torque

Roller shutter motors are rated differently based on their torque (among other factors). In this case, torque refers to the force that makes the motor rotate so that the roller shutters open or close. A motor that is always operating at its maximum torque will wear out quickly due to factors like metal fatigue and heat-generated wear. You can prevent this problem by buying a motor whose torque rating is much higher than what your roller shutter doors require. This will result in long life for that motor because it will not be working at peak levels. Consult the roller shutter supplier for information on the torque specifications of motors in comparison to the roller shutters.

Motor Components Reach the End of Their Service Life

Roller shutter motor-components like brakes and gears have a defined useful life. When that useful life ends, the motor will break down even if the roller shutters are still in very good condition. You can avoid the inconvenience caused by component wear (due to age) by selecting a motor whose components have an expected service life that matches the expected lifespan of the roller shutters. For instance, buy a motor whose expected lifespan is 20 years if the roller shutters you have can last for 20 years.

Insulation Failure

As the motorized roller-shutters are opened or closed heat is generated. That heat gradually wears out the insulation in the electrical cables supplying the motor with power. The only way to prevent high temperatures from ruining the motor of your roller shutters is to know how often you will be opening or closing the roller shutters so that you select a motor whose cooling cycle matches the operating conditions where it will be installed. In that way, overheating will not be an issue since the motor will cool before the next use cycle.

As you can see, you may need technical help in determining which motor to buy for your roller shutters from a company like RSCS All Suburbs, so do not be too hasty in making a purchase decision until you have obtained that expert help.