Things to Consider When Getting a New Garage Door

12 October 2015
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A garage door must fulfil many criteria to protect your vehicle and other belongings. It must be of an appropriate width to allow one or more vehicle to pass through it, it must be able to open and close without malfunction, when it is closed it must be secure enough to protect what's within and it must also be safe for you to use on a daily basis. If you are getting a new garage door, then these considerations will ensure the door protects your belongings.

Material options

There are many different types of garage doors; they may differ in operation, material and purposes, among other things. When it comes to functionality the doors can, for example, differ in whether or not they are automatic. An old, classic, side-hinged door might give a rustic feel with its likeness to an old barn door. Others may find it more appealing with a more modern "roll up" door or a door you simply lift up when wanting to allow entrance to the garage; these options are great if you do not have much room to spare on the outside of the garage. Some might also want a completely automatic door you can open simply with a push on a remote control.

Protection on the outside and inside

When it comes to choosing the material of the door, looks are secondary to other factors. Wood, for instance, might be aesthetically pleasing but it's also fairly high in maintenance. It's also important to consider which climate you live in. You will need a door that can keep the temperature inside on a somewhat stable level.

Even if the outside temperature is extremely hot or extremely cold, the door should not let this impact the inside of the garage more than to an absolute minimum. Take steel as an example: however cheap, durable and low maintenance (and thus very popular), steel needs to be insulated to not allow the outside temperature to affect the inside of the garage. No car benefits from being exposed to any sorts of extreme temperatures. An insulated door is also an asset to those who spend a lot of time in the garage themselves, since it also shuts out noises. For this purpose, an additional personnel door might come in handy for your garage, to allow people to move in and out of the building.

Learn more about which garage door will best fit your home by contacting local contractors.