What to Look For in a Security Screen Door

13 October 2015
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A security screen door can keep your home safe and sound while allowing in light and air. A heavy-duty screen door will allow you to keep the storm door open during the day without worrying about someone simply forcing their way through a flimsy screen door. As with storm doors, not all security screen doors are alike and they will vary in style as well as material and design and in their overall quality. Since you want your investment of a security screen door to last for years to come and to keep you as safe as possible, note a few factors to consider when it comes to shopping for a security screen door.

1. Powder coating

Powder coating refers to a color pigment being applied in powder form and then adhered to the door with a type of electrostatic charge, creating a second 'skin' on the door. This process is more durable than painting a security door, as paint may tend to bubble or fade when exposed to direct sunlight or peel and chip away in inclement weather. Remember that your security door will be exposed to sun, rain, snow, and other harsh elements, so opt for powder coating for its finish.

2. Wind chains

This feature will keep your door from blowing open too far when caught in a gust of wind. If you live in the tropics or on the plains or anywhere where high winds are often a problem, invest in a door style with durable wind chains. This will not only keep your door in place but will also mean less wear and tear on the hinges from the door being suddenly jerked and pulled by winds.

3. Foam tape versus felt strip

Door manufacturers will usually seal the door with either a foam tape or felt strip. The foam tape may become brittle and crack over time, whereas the felt tape will typically last longer without needing replacing. If you can choose between the two, opt for a door with a felt strip rather than foam tape so you don't need to replace it on your own within a year.

4. Mesh

Note that the tighter the mesh of the screen, the more secure the door will be against someone trying to cut the screen and against bugs, scorpions, and the like. However, a tighter mesh also reduces the amount of sunlight and air that flows through your door. Be sure you balance your need for security with how much air and sun you want to enjoy when the inside door is open when choosing your security screen door.

For more information and options of security screen doors, talk with professional security companies, like Aus Secure.