Tips for Keeping Automatic Gate Repairs to a Minimum

18 May 2018
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In addition to providing security to your home, an electric or automated gate adds value to the property. With so many types of automatic gates available on the market, homeowners have the chance to choose one that completes their property. That said, automatic gates can develop issues just like any other electronic appliances; however, any operational challenge can compromise security hence the need for urgency in resolving such problems. Whatever the challenge might be, you need to call a professional technician to take care of a malfunctioning automatic gate. However, while repairing a broken automatic gate should be a top priority, keeping repair costs low is just as important. This article highlights tips you can use to keep repair costs of an electric gate at a minimum. 

Provide the Right Information

It is not enough to call your technician and tell them that you have a faulty electric gate because they can do very little with the information. You need to provide holistic information from the onset. For instance, if you have an automatic sliding gate, give the information. If your gate produces strange noises during operation, do not leave out the data no matter how subtle. If you have an automatic rotating gate, then be specific as well to avoid multiple return trips on the part of a technician that will increase the cost of repair since most technicians charge by the hour. Notably, most technicians will derive as much information as possible by asking the right questions; however, complement a technician's effort by mentioning anything you deem worthwhile regarding your automatic gate.  

Go Local

If you are planning to repair your gate, then you need to go local because the sensitivity of a broken electric gate means that any repairs must be made within the shortest time possible. Therefore, when your electric gate malfunctions, do not call an out-of-town technician because the chances of delay will be high. Additionally, you might end up paying for the technician's transportation, thereby adding to the overall cost of repair. Look up the local newspaper for of a local gate repair technicians. By going local, you will save a few dollars and lots of time. 

Hire a Licensed Professional

As mentioned earlier, automatic gates offer added security to your property. As such, you should settle for nothing less than a qualified gate repair professional. First, ask for qualifications or certifications to ascertain whether a technician will offer the best possible services. If you hire less than qualified repair personnel, the overall gate repair cost will go up since they might make a costly mistake in the process, which means you'll need more repairs.  

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