Building a New Home? Consider Flush-Mounted Roller Shutters

17 January 2019
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Many homeowners are realising how important roller shutters are. They provide additional security while contributing to energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal. However, many people consider installing roller shutters after something happens to them. They may install them after an attempted robbery or damage from inclement weather.

Such last-minute modifications are costly and can throw you off budget. With flush-mounted shutters, you get to incorporate the roller shutters into your overall home design.

How flush-mounted systems work

Flush-mounted shutters are a native part of your doors and windows. During the construction of your home (or during renovation), your doors and windows are modified to fit roller shutters. They're installed flush into the windowpane and doorframes of your property.

This installation mechanism is more effective than front mounting, where roller shutters are fitted as aftermarket modifications.

There are many benefits of flush-mounted roller shutters, some of which include the following:

1. They require less maintenance

Flush-mounted shutters fit entirely inside the curtain wall or doorframe. Because these spaces are designed during the construction stage, they operate to protect the roller shutters when not in use. Therefore, you will experience less wear and tear on the shutters over time.

The operation of your shutters will also be flawless, with reduced risk of contact with the frame or your doors and windows.

2. They save on energy consumption

Flush-mounted roller shutters are excellent for reducing energy consumption in your home. You can select from many different materials, frames and opening angles to minimise entry of light.

Slanted frames (in your doors and windows) block out light effectively during a hot day. And because the frames are natively integrated into your windows and doors, all you need to do is to simply pull down the roller shutter to your desired position. Adding motorised or automated options will also work seamlessly because the design is a native part of the window or door. The end result is lower cooling bills during the summer.

3. They can be customised for aesthetic appeal

Flush-mounted roller shutters also provide an excellent opportunity for adding style to your home. When you choose the right design, colour and material, you can retain the value of your property and fetch a good price in the future.

With flush-mounted designs, you have the option to match the window or door material with the style and design of your roller shutters. For example, hardwood security doors contrast well with white or off-white aluminium security shutters. There are many more design combinations you can try, and this provides an excellent opportunity for you to match the theme of your interior décor.