Tips for Garage Roller Door Repairs

23 January 2020
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If you recently installed a garage roller door, then you might have been drawn to the wide range of benefits offered by the door type. The doors are easy to operate despite their sheer size, and they accord privacy and security to the entire house. However, a garage roller door must be maintained per the distributor's directives to enjoy extended service life. That is why timely repairs are necessary, and if you intend to conduct the repairs yourself, then you should remember to do certain things. Read on for the critical steps of garage roller door repairs

Replace Both Springs

If you look at the mechanism of a garage roller door, you will notice springs on both ends of the door that stretch when the door pulls down and release in a controlled fashion when opening the door. If one of the springs wears out, the only option is to replace it. Unfortunately, if you only replace the broken spring and leave the other one intact, you will expose the new one to faster wear. The reason is that since the remaining original spring has a good number of years in service, it will place undue pressure on the new spare. Therefore, if one spring is broken, ensure that you replace both springs for a more stable roller door. 

Don't Leave the Roller Door Halfway Open

When you notice that your roller door is stuck halfway through when opening, never leave it in that position as you assess the issue. Unfortunately, this is a common practice, and while it might seem okay, leaving the roller halfway open during inspection puts users at risk. The reason is that — on the face of it — a half-open garage door doesn't pose any danger to a child. However, a child might be tempted to crawl below the door to gain access to the garage, and that puts them in danger of getting crushed in case the door gives way. 

Don't Use the Door Immediately After Repairs 

Whether you repair your garage roller door or hire a professional to do so, it is always advisable to restrict usage by vulnerable persons. For instance, young children should stay clear of a recently repaired garage roller at least until after a few hours of use. The reason is that anything can happen after the repairs, and since mistakes are possible, you should minimise the risk as much as possible. It starts by restricting young children from accessing the door for at least 24 hours into the repairs.