Common Issues That Warrant Garage Door Repair Services

24 May 2021
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For many homeowners, their garage door is the last thing on their minds. As long as they can access it as they need to, this structure remains overlooked. And this neglect is typically what leads to problems that affect the functioning of these doors. Keeping in mind how heavy these doors are, underlying problems are not merely an inconvenience. In reality, they could compromise the safety of you and your loved ones so it is imperative to have any defects repaired in the shortest time possible. To help you recognise the signs of a potential issue, check out the following common issues that warrant garage door repair services.

The garage door is misaligned from the track

Garage doors are outfitted with rollers that move along a track so that you can easily operate the doors. However, with time, the doors can separate from parts of the track due to three main reasons. First, the cables that lift and lower the doors have snapped. Second, the rollers have acquired damage. Third, the track is crooked. When any of these problems crop up, you will notice that your garage door is having difficulty moving up or down or is sagging to one side. When this happens, you must stop using the garage door completely since there is a high likelihood of it breaking away fully. Rather, you should enlist garage door repair services so that the technicians can locate the cause of the problem and remedy it immediately.

The garage door is noisier than usual

Admittedly, garage doors do not usually operate inaudibly, instead, most homeowners will hear a subtle sound when they open and shut. Hence, the moment your garage door is louder than normal, you need to take note of what noise it is making, as this would be indicative of the potential issue that has cropped up. Clanging usually means that the garage door springs are grazing against each other and this stems from corrosion, which would necessitate the replacement of the affected springs. Rattling sounds mean the tracks are likely misaligned so garage door technicians will need to straighten them. A screeching sound tends to indicate that the garage door is imbalanced so it is necessary to have the professionals come to straighten it before it gets worse. Grinding, conversely, signifies that the rollers are damaged. Lastly, suspicious rumbling suggests that the tension springs have become loose. Whatever the case, any weird noises should prompt you to seek garage door repair.