3 Ways Rust Can Damage Your Roller Garage Door

25 February 2022
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If you have a metal garage roller door, then you always run the risk of rust problems. While good-quality doors are treated against rust, treatments might not last forever. If your door is really old, or your treatment has been compromised on part of it, then rust might start to appear.

You shouldn't ignore any signs of rust on a metal garage door. This problem won't go away on its own; it is likely to worsen over time and cause some damage. How might rust affect your garage door?

1. Cosmetic Damage

Rust affects the cosmetics of a garage door. To start with, the rust might just make parts of the door look stained. As the problem gets worse, the rust might start to peel away the door's paint or coating. Even a small patch of rust can make a door look less attractive.

If you like to keep the outside of your home looking good, then a rusty garage door won't fit in with your aims. Your door will look increasingly shabby and uncared for.

2. Operating Faults

Rust doesn't just cause cosmetic damage. It can start to affect how your roller door and its system works. You can have various problems opening and closing the door over time depending on the location of the rust problem.

For example, if parts of your door rust, such as its springs or rollers, then it might not roll up or down smoothly. Rusted areas might catch on parts of your system as you try to open and close the door. Your door might work jerkily and unevenly. Sometimes, it might stick partway up or down.

You might start to hear scratching or screeching sounds when you open or close the door. If the rust spreads too much, then parts might break at which point you might not be able to use the door at all.

3. Security Problems

Rust can eat through metal over time. Your garage door might get holes in its surface. Once this happens, your door won't be as secure as it should be. Even small holes in a weakened area could be enough for a burglar to cut through the door.

If you can see signs of rust on your garage door, then contact a roller door repair service. In some cases, they can remove the rust and treat the area to make the door sound again. If you have more extensive damage, then you might need to replace some or all of the door or its parts.