4 Checks to Make If Your Automatic Garage Door Won't Open

16 August 2022
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Some garage door opening problems need simple fixes. However, more serious problems need professional repairs. To work out how serious your problem is, check the following points.

1. Does the Remote Opener Work?

Sometimes, a garage door that doesn't respond to its remote is actually OK; however, the remote has a problem. Most often, this happens when the remote's batteries run down.

So, check that the remote has battery power. If you don't see a sensor light on the unit when you press its buttons, then replacing the batteries might get the door working again.

If this doesn't work, or if you can see a sensor light but the door still won't open, then try a spare opener if you have one. If that doesn't work, then you probably have a problem with the door itself.

2. Is Your Power On?

If you have a power cut or electrical problem in your garage, then an automatic garage door won't work. Check that the power is on by turning on a light or trying an outlet. If your power is out, then the door should start working again once it is on again.

3. Can You Open the Door From the Inside?

You can't easily open an automatic garage door without an opener from the outside. However, you should be able to open it from the inside.

So, try the internal emergency release. If this works, then you can at least use the door until you get someone in to repair it. If the door won't open manually, then you have a system failure. You'll need professional help.  

4. Is the Door Obstructed?

If your door has an obstruction in a key area, then it won't open. For example, if something has fallen into part of the door's operating system, then it might stop the door from working.

Take a look at your doors, tracks and parts. Look for anything that has moved on to the door or into it. Clogs of dirt and dust are common culprits here. If you can remove obstructions safely, then you might fix the problem.

Remember to check the door's sensors as well. If dust is covering a sensor, or if something has moved into its line of sight, then it might assume that this is an obstruction. The sensor won't allow the door to open in this scenario.  

If your problem isn't easy to fix, then don't try to repair your door yourself. Garage doors are heavy and have complex systems. You could hurt yourself or damage the door if you don't know what you are doing. To get help, contact automatic garage door repair professionals.