Four Signs You Need Commercial Roller Door Repairs

12 May 2023
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Commercial roller doors are essential components for many businesses, providing security, access control, and weather protection for warehouses, shops, factories, and more. However, due to their sheer size, weight, and frequent exposure to heavy machinery as well as extreme weather conditions, commercial roller doors experience substantial stress over time. Without regular maintenance and repairs to address issues promptly, operational and safety problems are inevitable.

Here are some signs that you need commercial roller door repairs:

1. You Have Impact Damage From Vehicle Collisions

The wide openings of commercial roller doors mean there is a higher risk of accidental impact from vehicles, forklifts or other moving equipment. Collisions that leave even minor dents or holes in the doors can actually impair both the functionality and security of your commercial roller doors.  

Without repairs, these damaged areas prevent the doors from properly closing, locking, and sealing, which could allow unwanted access by intruders. This high-impact damage also puts extra strain on the door mechanisms, causing parts to wear out faster. 

2. You Have Security Latch Or Padlock Issues

Commercial roller doors secure businesses by allowing owners to lock up valuables, equipment, stock, and sensitive commercial spaces. Faulty or broken locks, latches, padlocks or the mechanisms that engage with them pose a serious security risk if left unrepaired. When doors cannot be properly secured, opportunistic thieves have easy access, putting everything inside at risk.

Licensed commercial roller door repair technicians can inspect door locks, latches, and padlocks for signs of deterioration, re-secure or replace loose/damaged components and test all mechanisms to ensure faultless operation.

3. There Are Signs Of Damage To The Roller Wheels Or The Track

Roller doors are made up of a series of rollers and tracks that enable them to open and close smoothly. If these parts are damaged, it can cause friction when the door is moving, which can slow down or even stop the process completely. Signs of damage to these parts include high-pitched squealing, creaking, grinding and chattering noises. This can be due to a build-up of dirt on the rollers or tracks, which needs to be cleaned off regularly.

4. You See Signs Of Heat Damage To The Roller Door

You may see heat damage at the bottom of your door if there is a problem with its seals or weather stripping. Heat damage usually looks like discolouration on the edges of these parts. If this happens, then it means that your door wasn't able to seal properly against outside elements such as rain or snow, and cold air came into the building. Hot air could possibly be escaping out of the building when opened during hot weather conditions as well, which will result in high utility bills for your business if not fixed right away by professionals in commercial roller door repairs.

Chat with a professional in commercial roller door repairs today if you notice any of the above signs.