Garage Door Repairs: When to DIY and When to Call an Expert

12 December 2019
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As a responsible homeowner, you have to maintain your house at all times. Part of this responsibility extends to distinguishing between what repairs you can tackle by yourself, and what to leave to a professional. By distinguishing between the two, you will effectively maintain your house without inflicting damage to the home, and even yourself. This rule applies to garage roller door repairs too. While some tasks are simple enough for you to tackle, others are not. Read More 

Three Reasons Your Residential Garage Needs Roller Doors

8 July 2019
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Roller doors are, admittedly, not new to the market. In fact, these garage doors have been around for decades, but they have gained the reputation of being exclusively functional for commercial properties. However, the truth is that these doors are more versatile than that. In recent years, roller doors are steadily making their way into residential properties too since they offer an array of benefits that you may not get to enjoy with other types of garage doors. Read More 

Building a New Home? Consider Flush-Mounted Roller Shutters

17 January 2019
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Many homeowners are realising how important roller shutters are. They provide additional security while contributing to energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal. However, many people consider installing roller shutters after something happens to them. They may install them after an attempted robbery or damage from inclement weather. Such last-minute modifications are costly and can throw you off budget. With flush-mounted shutters, you get to incorporate the roller shutters into your overall home design. Read More