4 Checks to Make If Your Automatic Garage Door Won’t Open

16 August 2022
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Some garage door opening problems need simple fixes. However, more serious problems need professional repairs. To work out how serious your problem is, check the following points. 1. Does the Remote Opener Work? Sometimes, a garage door that doesn't respond to its remote is actually OK; however, the remote has a problem. Most often, this happens when the remote's batteries run down. So, check that the remote has battery power. If you don't see a sensor light on the unit when you press its buttons, then replacing the batteries might get the door working again. Read More 

3 Ways Rust Can Damage Your Roller Garage Door

25 February 2022
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If you have a metal garage roller door, then you always run the risk of rust problems. While good-quality doors are treated against rust, treatments might not last forever. If your door is really old, or your treatment has been compromised on part of it, then rust might start to appear. You shouldn't ignore any signs of rust on a metal garage door. This problem won't go away on its own; it is likely to worsen over time and cause some damage. Read More