How to Choose a Large Farm Shed for Your Property

29 October 2015
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A large farm shed can be a great choice even if you don't necessarily live on a farm. They provide protection for items like riding lawnmowers, ATVs, and other things you can't fit in the garage. They can even work as a separate space for your hobbies that don't fit inside the home, such as woodworking or pottery. Before you choose a large farm shed for your property, note a few factors to keep in mind.

1. Material

Metal sheds are very traditional, but consider the risk of rusting for certain types of metal. Wood may also eventually rot or be host to insects and especially if you put your shed directly on the ground versus pouring a concrete pad for it, as it will absorb more moisture this way.

Vinyl sheds are more durable and even more lightweight than most wood and metal sheds and won't rust, rot, or otherwise corrode. One consideration regarding vinyl, however, is that it's not as easy to recycle as metal or wood. If you're very eco-conscious, you might consider metal or wood simply so that these materials can easily be recycled or reused if you should ever choose to remove the shed from your property.

2. Size and placement

You may opt for a shed that works for your needs now, but are you looking to expand your small farm? If so, you might eventually invest in a larger tractor and need space to store more grain and feed and other equipment. Consider a shed that allows for growth and expansion if you need it for an actual business.

Consider the placement of the shed as well, if you should decide to expand the size of your equipment one day. A larger tractor might be easier to maneuver in a pass-through design rather than trying to back it out of the shed, especially when you have a trailer attached. If you will eventually want a shed with doors on both sides, you don't want to put your shed up against the back of your house or where another structure might get in the way of a back door. Think of potential growth and expansion when you choose the size and placement of your shed.

3. Door

Remember that if you choose a door that swings out versus doors that roll to the side or that roll up, you need to ensure that the door can open easily and not be obstructed. Keep this in mind when choosing the style of door for your shed; ensure that a carport, silo, well, or other obstruction is not in the way of the door. If your property is a bit cramped, get a shed with a rollup door or doors that roll out to the side.